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Custom Printed Circuit Boards:
Custom PCB Quote Form

Sunstone realizes that not all designs can be quoted online and not all customers want to place their quotes online. For those instances we offer our Custom Quote service.

Use our online form below or send your files to and we will evaluate your design and send you a personalized quote.

Now quoting special material requirements, precision etching, chemical milling, mechanical milling and jobs where you may not have Gerber files, hand layups? Not a problem!

DFMplus Online Design For Manufacturability check, before you place your order. Take a extra few minutes to verify the design will build correctly BEFORE betting your money on it.

Fill out the form below and upload your Custom PCB designs to help us quote your order, or:

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Printed Circuit Board Information

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Layout Services

To completely quote your layout project, we will need:

  • Bill of Materials files
  • Schematic (in a schematic application file)
  • Alternately, a circuit netlist

We can start a quote with partial information. Just place your supporting documentation and files in a ZIP file and submit with this quote request.

Please include board files to quote. *

10MB MAX (zip, rar, 123, brd, pcb, pcbdoc, ewprj, max and BIN files only)

All files are confidential. See our privacy agreement .

 Additional Info or Comments:
 Tell us which other materials (370HR or Equivalent, Rogers, etc) you need.

Custom Printed Circuit Board Information:

Please review your Custom PCB information to make sure it is complete and accurate. Quote Custom PCB

Full Feature Quote PCBexpress Quickturn Quote

Circuit Board Assembly & Manufacturing Capabilities , and Inspection Services .

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ITAR compliant manufacturing services may be completed by a trusted manufacturing partner. All data and product will be handled with compliance to the ITAR initiative by all parties involved with the process.