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PCBExpress® Quickturn PCB Quote and Ordering

Do you have a simple PCB job that you need completed in a hurry? Our PCBexpress® Quickturn printed circuits service is your best option. We offer:

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Quantity of boards needed for order. Limit 100 pieces for Quickturn Services for FR4 Boards, 25 for Rogers 4350.

Dimensions Illustration

This is the X and Y axis measurement in inches.

The largest dimensions available for FR4 boards is 12 x 14 in. The largest dimensions available for Rogers 4350 boards is 8 x 8 in. The smallest board dimension is 0.25 inches in one direction.

For different sizes please use our Full Featured quote page.

Number of copper layers. The PCBexpress Quickturn product line can process up to 6 copper layers. For additional copper layers please use our Full Feature Multilayer Quoting Form.

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A name, number, or combination assigned by a designer to identify a specific pcb layout.

A character, number, or combination assigned by a designer to identify a modified version of a specific pcb layout.

Material and Finish
FR-4 material
.062 inch thickness, 2, 4, or 6 layer board, optional silkscreen and solder mask, 50 qty max with dimensions no more than 12 x 14 inches.
Rogers 4350 material
.020 inch thickness, 2 layer prototype board, no silkscreen, no solder mask, 25 qty max with dimensions no more than 8 X 8 inches.

This is the plating finish that will be deposited over the copper. Quick Turn surface finishes include silver and tin lead.

Solder Mask Illustration

Protective acrylic/ epoxy type coating - usually green.

Also referred to as Legend or Nomenclature - usually contains component placement & component designators. White Silkscreen available for Quick Turn Products.

Silkscreen Clip
Silkscreen Clip is performed to remove silkscreen from non-masked covered areas (solderable pads, through hole pads, exposed plane areas, etc).
Slots and Cutouts Illustration

Any internal area being removed is a cutout. This field is required for all internal slots so that we properly account for them.

When the board outline has a notch measuring less than .062" we count that notch as a cutout due to the tool change needed to negotiate the smaller areas.

Not Limited To Circles or Squares

Services & Features

We can assist in the export of Gerber 274X and NC Drill files from Ivex Winboard, Altium/Protel, EAGLE or OrCAD files.

We also have DFM rule sets for Altium Designer and EAGLE CAD software on our downloads page.

These tools will assist in ensuring manufacturability of your boards at Sunstone Circuits.

For added confidence we will electrically test each printed circuit board for conductivity.

Drop Ship Assembly
Add assembly and have your circuit board order shipped to Screaming Circuits. This is the same service as all previous assembly orders.
Bundle Assembly
Need your finished boards assembled? Quote and order assembly with your circuit board order today. This new feature saves time and allows you to order both services at once.

Choose 1 Day Expedite to save 1 day lead-time. Choose Double Expedite to save 2 Days.

1 Day Expedite is available for 2, 4, and 6 layer boards with solder mask. Double Expedite is avaliable for 4 layer boards.

* Fabrication notes will not be reviewed for Quickturn service

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